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Software Only


3 months support

  • Easy Letterhead Software
  • Create Unlimited documents
  • Email Support

Software & Support


Includes 1 year support

  • Easy Letterhead Software
  • Create Unlimited documents
  • 1 year support & upgrades
  • Priority Email Assistance

Software & Design


With custom letterhead

  • Easy Letterhead Software
  • Create Unlimited documents
  • 1 year support & upgrades
  • Custom designed letterhead
  • Priority Email Assistance
What you get?

Ability to create unlimited branded documents using Microsoft Word & Excel

Easy Letterhead Software for Windows, with a pre-loaded sample letterhead

Professionally custom designed Brand letterhead for your business/organisation

frequently asked questions
What does Easy Letterhead actually do?

Easy Letterhead will create documents on branded letterhead using Word or Excel. You can just create reports, invoices or proposals in a normal way, on Word or Excel, and then merge it to your letterhead to generate a branded PDF document of your business/organisation. If you don't have a brand Letterhead yet, we will design it for you with our Premium plan.

Who use Easy Letterhead?

Easy Letterhead is mainly used by businesses and organisations. There is always requirement for business documents like letters, proposals etc. to be created. To have them prepared on Company Letterhead is a problem faced by most businesses. You may have to get a designer to do that or use some expensive software to generate pdf documents on your unique Letterhead.

The difference with Easy Letterhead is that it helps you to do this easily using Word or Excel, which is the commonly used platform for preparing documents.

How to get started with Easy Letterhead?

Its easy. Click on 'Try it Free' button, and download the 10 days free trial of the software. Install it on your Windows computer. Open your Word or Excel and you can see a new menu 'Easy Letterhead' is added.

The software comes with a sample letterhead for you to test. Type in any content on the page as usual, and click on 'Save as PDF' button within the Easy Letterhead menu. You will get a final pdf document with your content and the sample letterhead merged together. You can now upload your own letterhead in pdf format and create your branded document quick and easy.

Once your trial ends in 10 days, you will see the option to go to our website and purchase an annual licence to use the software.