Do I really need a logo for my business?

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When you are about to start a new business, the period can be so exciting but stressful — sorting and putting things together such as offices, shops, furniture, insurance, stocks, staff and bank loans, etc.

The list can go and on. Another thing that would come to your mind is having a brand identity by creating a professional logo for your business.

But do you really need a logo at startup? Maybe Yes! Maybe No!!

Keep reading to find out.

What is a logo?

A logo is a combination of text and visual images serving two purposes. Give people the name of the business and create a visual symbol that represents your business.

Every brand or company needs a logo to stand out from the crowd.

A professionally designed logo attracts attention and leaves an indelible mark in the customer’s mind.

For example, look at Nike, the famous shoe company. When you see this logo “swoosh,” you immediately know its Nike. Logo gives customers an image that they can relate to your brand.

Why is logo creation important?

A logo can be represented as the face of a business. Usually, a potential customer will see in detail what your business is all about. A logo is much more than an image; it’s a point of recognition for customers and an essential institution for the brand of your company or service. It is often said that customers make an impression on a business in a second. A well-designed logo is a simple way to show that your company is competent, reliable, and provides quality products or services.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need a logo for your business.

1. Grabs People’s Attention
A logo can immediately catch the attention of the audience and allow the company to communicate interestingly. A strong logo is the beginning of your company’s branding and conveys your business’s vision.

2. Ease of recognition
A company logo should be easily recognizable in both large and small fonts. You must recognize the value of your brand with a logo. Make your logo design simple and challenging with the logos of other companies. Your business should be reflected in your company logo. This will help build your brand in the eyes of the company, competitors, and customers.

Foundation of your brand identity

Effective branding is about telling a story that will impact customer sentiment – clear and direct.
Moreover, while the facts confirm that the design of the logo is only part of the brand of a company, it occupies the factory throughout the history on which the brand is built.

Colors, tones, character, and styles: most of them are dictated by the story you are trying to tell, and your logo sets the stage of your story.
These elements will then be translated by the design of the logo in most marketing media: letterheads, business cards, landing pages, etc., thus making a creative an attractive brand character.

Logo is not everything

Now, it will interest you to know that a strong logo does not guarantee business success.

There are many other factors, including luck. The success of the company or brand gives value or recognition to its logo, and not the other way round. For example, we can find many fantastic logos by their design or appearance, but nobody recognizes them. Yes, there is business USP to take when we work on the logo, but success is just one element that adds value to the logo.

Because you can update the logo if necessary to complete the height of your business, for example, General Electric logo, IBM and Starbucks

Now, let’s look at the case of Amazon, you can order any product and receive it within 48 hours or even faster. Also, you receive free delivery (or almost free).

Amazon online store owners know their benefits and have made them visible on the Amazon logo. See the arrow that goes from A to Z? It mimics the movement and indicates that Amazon can deliver your order from his warehouse directly to your home.

However, these are not the only meanings we can see in this symbol. The arrow also imitates a smile, which means that Amazon guarantees a high-quality service and guarantees full customer satisfaction. So, your success makes your USP logo interesting

Final thoughts

The value of a logo is not the same for each type of business. In a retail store, your sign plays a more significant role in your initial success, and a graphic icon or logo is not essential. You need a unique and robust sign and the appropriate color for the sign.

If your business is a product, the design of the actual item and its packaging are more important than a logo. In this case, spend your money on the packaging and use only a simple but unique sign for a logo. If your business is a service, a logo is much more critical.

It’s your sign and your packaging. Outside of yourself, it’s the only thing that visually defines the image of your business in people’s minds.

Also, having a product and a customer significantly outperforms a logo. At first, your main concerns are activities such as building a product, fundraising, and finding the first customer.

Nobody ever invested in a company or bought a product because they liked the logo.

A logo is one of many marketing tools, and, frankly, it is much less important than going out and talking about your product to people.

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