About Us

We want to make you feel Great

By offering Easy Letterhead solution to you, we want you to look professional and branded. And help you win more sales and grow your business. We love helping businesses and organisations to become highly branded by spending exceptionally best prices. It's OK to look awesome!

Easy Letterhead is brought to you by Realistic Marketing - a Sydney based marketing support firm. Realistic Marketing is founded by Shinoj Kalyadan, a marketing enthusiast and MBA graduate from University of Western Sydney. Since 2008, he has been working to support small & medium businesses in the areas of brand design, development and marketing. Back in 2008, It was a design studio named 'Ello Bucket' which focused on top notch design solutions to businesses.

Simple solution to a common problem

Creating business documents on a branded format or letterhead has been a concern for small businesses. Especially, when it needs to be done frequently. We come across this issue while creating their business collateral.  Nowadays, printed documents are a thing of the past, and businesses want to email PDF format to their customers, prospects, suppliers etc. We try to solve this problem by introducing Easy Letterhead. We will also help you with any of your brand design, printing and marketing requirements.